I Want To Remember This

insert song in movie Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!)

source: aquamarine

I want to remember this when I am far away
I want to keep all the special feelings of today

There’s a new song upon the breeze
The sky’s a sparkling blue
Tell me please, is this a dream come true?

I want to keep every sound, every vision that I see
How else can I know that this really happened to me?

I want to remember this when the excitement’s gone
I want to make sure this mood keeps going on and on

Cause now I don’t have to pretend
The sun is finally coming out
And round the bend I’ll see what life’s about


Nakayama Uri discography

Uri Nakayama (中山 うり Nakayama Uri, born January 9, 1981) is a female singer-songwriter and hairdresser in Japan. Nakayama plays an accordion and trumpet not only vocal. She sings while playing the accordion with having sat down and sometimes plays the trumpet which she puts in the side. Her music is unplugged sound, she usually plays the music with 4 support members, guitar, bass, drum and percussion. As additional support members, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, violin and etc. come in the band by the live tour and rock festival.

Nakayama's music is introduced as blended world accordion music, Gypsy Jazz, Musette, Tango and etc. and her voice is advertised as "miracle voice" by record label. She sings by low, warm, smooth and soft voice. Her CDs are sold as J-pop at CD shop. But her music was categorized as jazz by iTunes in Japan.

Nakayama's most song is with Japanese lyrics, a few song is instrumental and scat singing. She takes some nostalgic scenes, festival, harbor town, sunset and etc. as lyrics's motif, frequently. Because she sings some Japanese folk music cover version, her music is thought of as affected by those music.

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